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In this section you will find several types of documents to be considered as the result of different course activities and investigations/analysis/studies conducted in areas relevant to the course contents.


This document is the result of the workshop "Smallholders and Sustainable Agriculture" held at MAIB from 14 to 18 June 2010, as a final session of the SA course follow-up phase.
This document includes the list of all the reports submitted by the Sustainable Agriculture Course students at the end of each academic year. The list shows, for every academic year,  the title of the report, the author and his/her country of origin.
This document collects the proceedings of the Tabarka Workshop, organised in the framework of the SARD Mountain Project, whose focus was to support capacity building mechanisms including a sustainable livelihood perspective and a participatory element in the ongoing policy-making processes for SARD in the Mediterranean mountain regions. A number of our Sustainable Agriculture Course participants were invited to take part in it contributing to its activities according to their knowledge and field expertise.
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