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Smallholder Locals Knowledge and Innovation Systems Database

represent the majority of the population in rural areas that produce food, fibres and services to people and control vast areas and natural resources.
They have complex and often vulnerable livelihood systems based on agriculture and other activities.
Specific support is needed to strengthen their capacities to gain more food, income, knowledge and services and to allow them to play a key role in sustainable development.

The Smallholder LoKIS database collects significant stories where smallholders, through their own knowledge, capacities and linkages with other actors, are actively engaged in innovative agriculture and rural development processes based on the following principles: conservation of natural resources, low external inputs use, collective actions, generation of livelihoods benefits.

The stories are presented in the form of an “Info-sheet”, elaborated on the ground of the findings of the field assessments conducted by the participants in the SA course, during their home country activity.
By visiting smallholders and meeting key informants, they have described appropriate and successful technologies, organizations, partnerships etc., assessing policies, institutions and processes behind.

We consider the LoKIS database as a valuable source of information, exercise and reflection on smallholders empowerment for those stakeholders involved in sustainable agriculture and rural development processes.
Contact us at sacourse@iamb.it
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