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Short-term impacts: some feedback

The feedback received by our former students, gathered in the form of answers to a questionnaire delivered in order to evaluate short-term impacts of the training on the participants academic and professional lives, has shown the following:
  • 93% has increased the level of knowledge and skills;
  • 87% has improved work methodology;
  • 85% has had career improvements;
  • 83% has seen an increase in the levels of participation in the design of projects and policies.

Lahcen AHOUATE (Morocco, AY 2004-05)

LahcenAHOUATE …the course allowed me to be more confident when studying, negotiating projects financed by Morocco’s donors and also in my missions in Sub-Saharan Africa’s country where Morocco provide technical support to many projects.

BILJANA PANIN (Serbia, AY 2007-08)

BiljanaPANIN The Sustainable Agriculture Course had big impact on my professional activities. When I finished the course and came back to Serbia, I changed my job starting to work in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, in the Sector for Rural Development. Besides, the course also influenced my scientific and academic activities as I became Assistant at the Faculty for Ecology and Sustainable Development. I am also preparing a PhD thesis in the area of environment protection and rural development, which stemmed from my experience during the course.

Amadou N’DIAYE (Senegal, AY 2007-08)

AmadouNDIAYE …the fact that we use some tools learned in the course helps us to understand the opinion of the different categories of workers. I think also that the course gave me the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge needed to support important programmes for rural and agriculture development my country.

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