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Our  Team

The training is organised by the MAIB Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) Department.

The department is led by Roberto Capone, MAIB Principal Administrator. Before his appointment  at MAIB he has performed his functions in the CIHEAM General Secretariat in Paris for several years. Besides, he currently holds a role as General Secretary of the Italian National Committee liaising with the international organisations based in Rome. His main interest is in agricultural food systems and, in the last years, he has been coordinating activities for the development of sustainable food diets in the Mediterranean basin.


Lamberto Lamberti, SARD department officer, is responsible for the scientific course content. He holds a master's degree in "Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development" and in "Environmental Engineering". His main interests are in smallholder livelihoods, innovation systems and value chains development, with field experience in Mediterranean countries, Ethiopia and Afghanistan.



Hamid El Bilali, SARD department consultant, is responsible for didactic and research tutoring. He holds a master's degree in Organic Agriculture and a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry. In the last years he has engaged in research activities related to rural livelihoods diversification, rural governance and local institutions for sustainable rural development, especially in Balkan countries.



Virginia Belsanti, SARD department consultant, is involved in didactic and research tutoring, and is responsible for the management of the course electronic platform. She holds a master's degree in Diplomatic Studies and has experience in communication and information management. She has an interest in social capital, cross-sectoral partnership and network development.


Contact us at sacourse@iamb.it
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